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02-26-2011, 06:36 PM
I just ordered a Highwall in 45-70 and intent to use it for fun shooting. Mostly plinking.
Do you have a favorite light load you like?
I saw where someone uses about 14 grains of Trail Boss behind a 300 gr bullet.

03-07-2011, 11:41 AM
I have a fake Sharps in 45-70 kicks like a government mule! I don't know about plinking with it. I have not found a load that was not punishing to shoot. The problem I found is getting a load that has a high load density. I think trying
Trail Boss is a good idea since it was designed to allow high loading densities. Let us know how it turns out.

03-16-2011, 05:04 PM
Well,,, I tried the Trail boss and am not very impressed so far. I was getting as many as 3 out of five in the 10 ring then two somewhere on the paper but not very close to the group. I will be doing some testing with 322 and 3031 plus, UPS has my new Wm Malcolm style scope so that should help the group size. I got a Vernier for it but the little hole is a little too small and I had no drills handy and was having a hard time with it today. I will be 69 in April and my old eyes just don't hack it anymore. I have tang sites on two other rifles and they have bigger holes which I like.
Turns out the 9.7 lb gun does not kick all that bad, but, I will be investing in a Recoil Tamer (and stuffing the end of it with a piece of that closed cell foam I used on my workshop floor) from Cimmaron to make it even more fun to shoot. I have one on my little Rossi 92 in 45 colt and like it a lot because it shoots more accurately with the hotter loads, plus, I like the look and they are only $40.
I did an experiment with a 44 case machined down, and the base drilled out to the primer pocket diameter, to fit inside of a 45-70 case to see if I could get by with smaller than recommended amounts of the powders I have several pounds of.

BTW I had read someplace where shooter had tried simila experimens and I do not recommend this in any way and your freekin nuts if you try it. If you do decide to try it or something like it, you do it at your own risk.

I tried 10 gr of Trailboss behind a 405 gr Lee and some 305 gr paper patched and found it to be very pleasant to shoot. I also tried the test cases with some H110 and the same bullets with quite good results. I did not want to leave too much space in the case even though I used a 3/8" poly foam wad, but the best accuracy with the H110 was getting a little too hot and quickly leaded my barrel which ended my tests. I saw asolutely no excesive pressure signs with either powder but the H110 did let me know when It ignited.
The .457 405 Lee mold I bought casts .456 which is one thousanths smaller than my my barrel slugged to. When I got home, I did not care for how it performedso I ordered the last new 535 gr Lyman Postell a guy had on ebay and got it $20 off Lymans price.
I just bought a couple of lbs of 322. Any of you use it? How much do you like it compared to other powders? I also Plan on using trying 4895 and 3031 but If you have load you like better than 322 please tell us about it.
Thanks a million in advnce and I will be getting back with ya.

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06-02-2014, 12:12 AM
I use Red Dot for cheap loads.