View Full Version : The Martini custom race begins

02-28-2006, 10:28 PM
I've just recently purchased a Martini 303 action from Canada & am waiting to get it into the country .I made mention of this to a shooting coleauge & he not to be out done has brought one here in australia (for 4x the price I paid for mine ) So the race is now on on whose going to build the better rifle ! I think I have the inside edge at the moment as we both use he same Barrel maker & I have offered to bribe him in making my barrel first ! I'm going 270-303 improved .where as my mate is going 9.3x65 (I think )


03-01-2006, 07:15 PM
Dave good luck on your build and I hope it don't take to long to get it out of Canada.
What kind of B.S. laws do you have to import from out of Country for guns?
Thanks Ken.:violin:

03-01-2006, 08:26 PM
Ken I've just had a long conversation with our fire arms branch over here reguarding several issues over Them re adding my what is known as 'C & D ' Indorsements on my Firearm License (this covers me for the use of Semi autos & Pumpaction shot guns ,They had forgotern to put them on my renewal ,but were very appologetic ) I mentioned gettting thev action into the country & their bending over backwards to help me ! It's just a matter now of getting it shipped over through customs (who could'nt really care less ! Who can figure ? ) So It's on it's way !


lefty 1
03-17-2006, 11:49 PM
HI , I like Martini's too already have one in .223 and one in .17MACH IV and I am presently putting together one in .243 .. These are all rimless cases it has been said I am a bit of a machosist ,but I just can't resist a challenge ,if some one says it cant be done I just have to give it a shot..Flint

03-18-2006, 07:39 PM
That's the Beauty of Martinis the sky is the limit !:) I have played round with cadet actions for years & have only a Hornet & a .310 at the moment (the .310 was stashed as a rainy day project to be rebarreled to 357max until my stepson discovered it ) I had & seperated in a moment of weakness with a 17 ackley Hornet years ago & have always promised myself another one day :violin: