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08-26-2007, 08:27 AM
I see that there is a thread here on the .500 caliber. So I thought this'd be a good place to start a thread on the .460 caliber.
I've shot both the .S&W .500 and the .460 XRV revolvers. I liked the .460 so much that I went and bought one, (It has, how shall I put it? a shaper, but less violent recoil than the .500.) Kinda like a two bladed broadhead arrow point vs. a four bladed one in opening a wound channel on a game animal.
The .460 handles three diffrent cartridges the .45 LC, the .454 Casull and the .460 cartridge. Which brings me to my question.
I can easily find reloading data for the .460 & the .45 LC with a 200 gr. bullet, but none on the .454 Casull useing the 200 gr. bullet in either lead or copper coated projectile.Why is that?
According to what I've been reading the [I]"preferred" bullet weight for the .460 is predicted to be a 200 gr bullet. And since the .454 Casull cartridge can also be fired from the .460, one would think that loads for the .454 Casull would also include a load using the 200 gr. bullet.
If anyone knows of any such data I ask that you please post the location --- on this forum.

11-25-2008, 06:56 PM
Read your post of 8/26/07 about loads for 200 gr bullets in the 454 Casull. I have such a load from AmmoGuide Interactive using the Speer 200 grain bullet. Hodgdon H-110 38.0 grains (compressed) for 1980 fps from a 9.5 in barrel. As for the copper plated bullets, I've been told that they shouldn't be driven above 1200 fps. As a personal experience with the 460 S&W, I attempted to cronagraph the Hornady 200 gr SWC jacket bullet and found out that you can't drive it at 2000+ feet per second. The jacket peeled off and cut the heave wire posts that hold the sun screens over my cronagraph at 10 feet from muzzle, but the core still was in the black at 25 yards. I would suspect that this is going to be true of any of the FMJ bullets because of the open base and the pressures that the 460 operates (65,000PSI) vs. the 45 ACP pressures of under 20,000PSI. Just my guess.

I also learned the hard way that Hornady means what they say bout velocities with their .45 ACP bullets. I have a .460 Rolland which I loaded to 1440 fps with their HP 200 gr bullet. Shot a small hog (125 lbs) at 50 yards, it a rib going in and the bullet exploded leaving a hole about 2+ inches on the inside of the rib cage, but no frags large enough to cause any marks on the far side of the rib cage. There is a small piece of paper packaged inside the box of bullets that says "best proformance at ve. between 850 and 1100 fps".

As for a hunting load for my .460 SW, I like the Barnes 200 gr. HP, H-110 53gr, CCI200, using Horady cases. This gives me 2,300 pfs. I took a 275 lb boar at 100 yards with list load and got a one shot kill with out hitting the heart. The shot was about 4 inches high because I had the pistol sighted for 200 yards and didn't take that into consideration at the 100 yd rannge.